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MEDIA INFORMATION – Monday, February 24th, 2013

Sydney Haunted Hotspots Inspire New Projects

SYDNEY, Australia:  Two of Sydney’s most documented haunted locations have inspired three new film projects – two features and a documentary.

Morning Starr Productions and Rebekah Biasi Management (RBM) teamed up to shoot all three projects – The Quarantine Hauntings and The Parkway Hauntings  and The Q Station Experiment –  on Sydney’s northern beaches at the Q Station on North Head and at Deep Creek, on the Wakehurst Parkway.

Executive Producer Bianca Biasi  says there’s a good reason why movies about haunted locations aren’t usually made on location and her crew and cast got to find out why.

“To help us come up with the final product, we enlisted the help of paranormal enthusiasts and sceptics alike,” executive producer Bianca Biasi said.

“The result was quite amazing, by the end of the shoot, we found many of the non-believers had just about joined the enthusiasts’ camp.

“We also took along with us a psychic medium who has worked alongside law enforcement authorities in their efforts to solve some of the nation’s most puzzling crimes.”

Biasi said the crew had not expected or planned for some of the events that took place during the shoot.

Actors working on the films had been “totally freaked out” by the experience with one almost requiring hospitalisation due to shock at Deep Creek, while the psychic medium successfully made contact with a spirit at the Q Station.

“That was a fascinating experience in itself and we go into that in a fair bit of detail in the final cut,” she said.

“I have a new respect for the Q Station at North Head and I’ll never ever go back to Deep Creek off the Wakehurst Parkway and neither will my colleagues if I can help it.”

The film was made with the assistance of funding from Metro Screen, while the Quarantine Station at North Head donated use of the location.

Links to the three trailers can be found below in this email

For more information about The Quarantine Hauntings, The Parkway Hauntings and The Q Station Experiment, or to interview Bianca Biasi or any of the crew members, please contact: Executive Producer Bianca Biasi on 0410 697 700

MEDIA INFORMATION – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – THURSDAY, FEB 21, 2013 Hanging Out In Sydney’s Haunted Hotspots

Sydney, Australia:

Every aspiring filmmaker dreams about that chance encounter with a Hollywood mover and shaker and for talented, northern beaches actor-turned-producer, Bianca Biasi, it’s now become a reality.  But it wasn’t exactly how she’d imagined it.

Biasi’s Morning Starr Productions and Rebekah Biasi Management (RBM) have teamed up for two feature film projects and a documentary with the sort of funding a Hollywood mogul might use to buy a few camera accessories and a spare battery.

The Morning Starr crew have delved into the fascinating world of the supernatural, filming at two locations on Sydney’s northern beaches, that are among the most prolific hotspots when it comes to hauntings – The Quarantine Station at North Head and Deep Creek on the Wakehurst Parkway.

With the three projects nearing completion, Biasi had a last minute scare when youtube indentified a copyright issue with 15 seconds of audio in one of the three trailers, triggering a process that usually results in video content being removed. But Biasi had other ideas.

She picked up the phone and made immediate contact with the soundtrack’s copyright owner.

“I am a strong believer in artists receiving what they’re due and I wanted to make sure that if anything had been overlooked, that it was attended to immediately,” Biasi said.

“But when I pulled up the details of this music production house, I was in shock – this was no backyard operation. The company has created soundtracks for some of the biggest Hollywood blockbusters, including Life of Pi and The Hunger Games.”

Biasi said when she called and spoke to one of the studio’s principals to express that she felt there had been a misunderstanding, she almost collapsed when the man on the other end of the line opened dialogue with: “I suspect you’re not going to be able to afford this…..”

“That’s as bad as things got. The man on the phone was a generous soul, laughing and thanking me for making the effort to get in touch and telling me he started in film in much the same way,” Biasi said. “When I volunteered our very small budget, he quickly offered to waive any copyright fees and said he would be thrilled to assist in some way. Hollywood does have a heart!”

Biasi said she could now tick off the encounter against her list of career goals.

“And all it took to meet, was 15 seconds…. of allegedly unauthorized audio,” Biasi laughed.

For more information on The Quarantine Hauntings, The Parkway Hauntings and The Q Station Experiment Please contact Executive Producer Bianca Biasi on PH 0410 697 700